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Specializes in developing functional air filter media by professional R & D team; Providing customers with a guarantee of craftsmanship service
Nanofiber filter media
  • Advanced Fiber Filtration

  • Lower Pressure Drop (Surface/Depth Loading)

  • Energy Efficient

  • Longer Filter Life

  • Cost-Efficient

Functional filter media
  • Higher initial and ongoing efficiency

  • Lower pressure drop across the filtration media saves energy.

  • Less compressed air consumption required for pulse-jet cleaned dust collection systems

  • Longer filter life.

PTFE filter media
  • Pleated filter structure offers a high stability and reliable operation

  • High efficiency nanofiber and electrostatic composite layers

  • Efficiency maintenance after IPA processing


Application case

Nanofibers can solve all problems for you

Nanofibers can solve all problems for you!
Dirty or worn filters can wreak havoc on the engines of your trucks and heavy equipment. Over time, dust particles wear down pistons and cylinder walls. The result of this is major repair work and steep costs.

Advantages of nanofiber filter media: pressure drop (resistance is only half that of glass fiber under the same efficiency conditions), good weather resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and environmental protection.

Nanofibers for Poultry Farm & livestock farming Equipment Air Filters
Nanofiber air filter for weld fume extraction system

Choosing the appropriate filter media can help increase productivity and profitability by lowering downtime, improving airflow and reducing filter replacement costs.

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About Us

Foshan Membrane Technology Co. Ltd is an innovative leader in the nanofiber filtration industry with a strong presence in the nanofiber sector. We are a results-driven company committed to providing filtration solutions by combining our vast technical expertise, world class customer support, and short response times.

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Why Choose Us?


Over 38 series products
Focus on nanofiber filter media
Electrostatic Removal
Antibacterial and antiformaldehyde

Technical strength

Over ten years of Experience
R&D Team with doctors
Complete test equipment
Customize service providing

Sales service

Multiple production lines&machines
Nanofiers& multifunction& melt blown filter material
Mass production supply

Development History


Core members of MBR company established a nanofiber research team.

Foshan Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Nanhai District of Foshan City, Guangdong.

Release of antibacterial nanofiber membrane products.

MBR researched and developed nanofiber mask filter media.

MBR moved to a new factory with over 3000 square meters.

Certificate of honor


Hot Product

Our company has high-quality products, to provide customers with a guarantee of craftsmanship service
Primary Air Filter Media

Product Introduction: High quality synthetic fiber filter material using needle punching process and step-by-step encryption multi-layer technology, in compliance with European DIN53438-F1 and American UL900 Class2 fire retardant standards.

Pleated Nanofiber Filter Media

Most of the existing pleated filters use glass fiber filter paper, which has high filtration resistance and is difficult to recycle, resulting in high energy consumption in the HVAC system and high noise in the downstream fan operation. We make full use of its manufacturing and application expertise in the field of nanofibers to optimize the design of pleated air filter media.

Engine Air Filter Media F8-F9

Nanofiber cellulose filter media weight: 80-135g/㎡, color: blue, white, light blue, grade: F7-F9,

Nanofiber Cellulose Air Filter Paper 80/20【M6-F9】

The nano-air filter paper composed of nanofiber, cellulose and synthetic fiber substrate has high filtration efficiency, high dust volume and excellent blowback recovery. The color mainly includes blue and white, and the additional properties include flame retardant and antistatic

Nanofiber Antibacterial DIY Filter

Self Cutting to Adapt to Different Sizes,Remove Mites , Pollen And Other Allergens Remove The Peculiar Smell of Air Conditioner


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