Industrial, commercial and agricultural dehumidifiers Industrial, commercial and agricultural dehumidifiers

Intelligent control, timing switch machine, Energy and electricity saving, large dehumidification capacity; Famous brand compressor, ten years of design experience, stable and reliable; A variety of models to choose Optional MF network control function

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  • Product Description

    Myantop team, a professional doctoral R&D team. Focus on drying and dehumidification technical services, with more than ten years of experience in the design of refrigeration and dehumidification products, and the technical level is leading at home and abroad.

    The team has received strong R&D support from well-known domestic universities and laboratories in product design, dehumidification and drying processes.

    The company's products are widely used in agricultural planting, agricultural product processing, agricultural product storage and transportation; production and storage of semiconductors, new energy, precision parts; spraying of products such as hardware, plastic and wood; rapid drying industry for construction projects; drying and dehumidification of building spaces and other industries .


Industrial, commercial and agricultural dehumidifiers