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Face Mask Filter Media

Nanofiber and wood pulp paper combined with high strength, small pore size, can achieve high efficiency and lower pressure drop, easy back blowing dust removal, widely used in commercial vehicle intake system, gas turbine, air compressor , industrial dust removal, heavy duty truck filter and other fields.

Biodegradable Polylactic acid (PLA) Spunbond Nonwoven

Biodegradable polylactic acid(PLA)spunbond nonwoven 100% coming from nature &100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, high mechanical strength, non-toxic, antibacterial and breathable, which is widely used in protective masks, air filtration and other fields.

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Polylactic acid nanofiber meltblown filter media

Polylactic acid(PLA)nanofiber meltblown not only has the characteristics of biodegradable polylactic acid material and eco-friendly but also has the advantages of fine diameter and high porosity of nanofibers, physical and mechanical intercepting and electrostatic adsorption, so as to achieve high efficiency and lower pressure drop. It is widely used in air purification, protective masks and other fields.

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Needle-punched Nonwoven for Face Masks

Needle-punched nonwoven is the filter element and shaping material of the cup-shaped mask. It is made of needle punched technology. It is light in weight, easy to shape, can support the cup-shaped mask well, with high efficiency filtration, anti-low toxicity, deodorization, breathable and comfortable, hygienic, convenient, safe and so on.

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