Functional Filter Media

Nanofiber and wood pulp paper combined with high strength, small pore size, can achieve high efficiency and lower pressure drop, easy back blowing dust removal, widely used in commercial vehicle intake system, gas turbine, air compressor , industrial dust removal, heavy duty truck filter and other fields.

Catalytic dealdehydes sterilization air filter media rolls

Under the condition of room temperature without light, it can quickly lock and capture the free formaldehyde and harmful gases in the air, and quickly decompose them into water and carbon dioxide, at the same time, it can inhibit the breeding of bacteria. Widely used in air purification, vehicle air conditioning, central ventilation system and other fields.

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Anti-mildew and antibacterial air filter media for animal husbandry

Foshan Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd. developed the anti-mildew and antibacterial air filter media for animal husbandry, which has long antibacterial time, resistance to environmental humidity, long-term no mildew in the environment of microorganism and high humidity, small filter efficiency attenuation and long service life. Suitable for pig farm, chicken farm and other occasions.

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Long-lasting antibacterial humidifier filter media

Foshan Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. developed the anti-fog humidifier antibacterial filter media, which has a long antibacterial time. It will not be moldy after long-term soaking in water for more than 3 months. It is especially suitable for humidifier antibacterial and aquarium filter antibacterial fields.

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Antiviral and bacteriostatic high efficiency filter media rolls

By grafting the groups of antiviral active substances onto fibrous materials. When the virus and bacteria in the air contact the material, they can be killed instantly without blind spot. The anti-virus sterilization is more stable, more efficient and more durable. It can be used in vehicle air purification, air purification, centralized ventilation system and other fields.

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Nanofiber antibacterial/ adsorption odor removal air filter media rolls

Electrospinning technology is used to compound the antibacterial nanofibers on the nonwoven fabric. Due to the fine diameter, high porosity and large specific surface area of the nanofibers, the antibacterial effect is longer and the efficiency is higher,the composite modified activated carbon can effectively absorb odor, formaldehyde and volatile organic gases. Widely used in air conditioning filtration system, air purifier, vehicle filtration and other fields.

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Nanofiber antibacterial air filter media rolls

The nanofiber medium-efficiency panel filter media developed by Foshan Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd. meets the antistatic test standards of ISO16890 and EN779, which reflects the characteristics of high efficiency and lower pressure drop of nanofiber media, and has better filtration performance stability. It combines hot-air cotton and electrostatic cotton or meltblown media can achieve a suitable level of efficiency and dust holding capacity, and have lower pressure drop and lower energy consumption than glassfiber materials. Especially suitable for high-end application industries such as biology, pharmacy, medical treatment, semiconductor and so on.

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