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Fan Coil Unit Fan Coil Unit

One option for the addition of a HEPA filter to a fan coil system could be to use high efficiency and lower pressure drop filters to overcome the additional resistance, and to house the HEPA filter externally. This can be done with the MBR HEPA air Purifier.

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1.PM2.5 removal,high efficiency anti-bacterial  anti-mold
2.Ultra-low pressure drop & strong air permeability
3.Safe & pollution-free
4.Long-lasting anti-mildew & antibacterial


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 FCU filter parameters



Fan Coil Unit System,HVAC System,Air Conditioning System,Fresh air intake system,for residential homes,commercial buildings,industrial plants,hotel,hospital etc.Why us:1.Technical strength 2.Over ten years of Experience 3.R&D Team with doctors 4.Complete test equipment 5.Customize service providing 6.Multiple production lines&machines 7.High efficiency low resistance Anti-infective8.Mass production supply

Exclusive "N95 mask" for air conditioners


1.Indoor air pollution caused by PM2.5,dust,germs,smell,bacterial etc.

2.Without AC filter protection,pollutants spread to the entire space,causing cross-infection.


3.AC filter cuts off the source of pollution by intercepting dust and bacteria.

4.Dust accumulation reduction in AC,less replacement cycle.


5.Infectious aerosols removal to reduce the chance of cross infection in public places.
6.AC filter for air conditioners,anti-bacterial and nti-mold,protect your health.



Fan coil unit air filter