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Nanofiber Air Filter Paper

Nanofiber and wood pulp paper combined with high strength, small pore size, can achieve high efficiency and lower pressure drop, easy back blowing dust removal, widely used in commercial vehicle intake system, gas turbine, air compressor , industrial dust removal, heavy duty truck filter and other fields.

Nanofiber&Air purification

Fully synthetic durable composite structure - Perfect pleatability in all pleaters.Extended surface area - Higher dust holding capacity compared to glass fiber.Eco-friendly media design - Reduces carbon emissions by saving energy in fan motors used in HVAC systems.Outstanding energy savings -  providing less pressure drop than glass fiber media.Maintaining predictable quality and performance - Provides continuous high filtration efficiency due to its mechanical filtration feature compared to electrostatic charged filtrationMBR filter media, produced in accordance with international test standards such as EN779:2012, ISO 16890 and ASHRAE 52.2, has different efficiency classes from F7 to E12 & Merv8 to Merv16. In addition, with its stable mechanical filtration feature in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2 Appendix J standards, it offers a more reliable indoor air quality compared to other products that provide conventional electrostatic filtration.

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The advanced nanofiber technology ensures effective filtration at low pressure differentials.The filter level of MERV15 reaches high efficient filtration.Nanotechnology has brought the innovation for filter cartridge.The surface nanotechnology improves the durability of the cartridge, extends its service life and reduces maintenance costs.

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Engine Filters & Parts

The finest fibers for high performanceNanofiber filter media from MBR sets new standards for commercial vehicle air filters. It offers an extremely high dust separation efficiency of up to 99.99% for the separation of particles together with low flow restriction and a long service life.Good particle separation performance along with low flow restrictionThe nanofiber filter media consists of a carrier media and an extremely thin layer of ultra-fine polymer fibers. The fibers with a diameter of less than one micrometer are approximately 200 times smaller than the fiber diameter of the carrier material. This leads to a considerable improvement in particle separation. At the same time nanofibers offer a further advantage: In spite of the high separation efficiency, the flow restriction remains very low.

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Course Air Fliter Media

Product Introduction:High quality synthetic fiber filter material using needle punching process and step-by-step encryption multi-layer technology, in compliance with European DIN53438-F1 and American UL900 Class2 fire retardant standards

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