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Engine Filters & Parts

The finest fibers for high performance

Nanofiber filter media from MBR sets new standards for commercial vehicle air filters. It offers an extremely high dust separation efficiency of up to 99.99% for the separation of particles together with low flow restriction and a long service life.


Good particle separation performance along with low flow restriction

The nanofiber filter media consists of a carrier media and an extremely thin layer of ultra-fine polymer fibers. The fibers with a diameter of less than one micrometer are approximately 200 times smaller than the fiber diameter of the carrier material. This leads to a considerable improvement in particle separation. At the same time nanofibers offer a further advantage: In spite of the high separation efficiency, the flow restriction remains very low.


Multi-effect Filter Media For Automobile Cabin Filter

Multi-functional filter materials with different efficiency range, weight range and gas adsorption performance are customized according to customers' needs, which have excellent dust filtration efficiency and ash storage capacity, and the removal of toxic and harmful gases is durable and efficient, and can be customized with characteristics such as flame retardant and antibacterial.

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Engine Air Filter Media F8-F9

Nanofiber cellulose filter media weight: 80-135g/㎡, color: blue, white, light blue, grade: F7-F9,

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