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  • The advanced nanofiber technology ensures effective filtration at low pressure differentials.

  • The filter level of MERV15 reaches high efficient filtration.

  • Nanotechnology has brought the innovation for filter cartridge.

  • The surface nanotechnology improves the durability of the cartridge, extends its service life and reduces maintenance costs.


Nanofiber Cellulose Air Filter Paper 80/20【M6-F9】

The nano-air filter paper composed of nanofiber, cellulose and synthetic fiber substrate has high filtration efficiency, high dust volume and excellent blowback recovery. The color mainly includes blue and white, and the additional properties include flame retardant and antistatic

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 Spunbond Polyester And Nanofiber Filter Media

Nanofiber and polyester spunbonded fabric have high bonding strength, small pore size, high dust capacity, anti back blowing and easy cleaning, which can achieve high efficiency and low resistance performance. Weight: 170-260g/㎡, special functions: flame retardant, antistatic, waterproof, aluminum coating, high temperature resistance. Filter level F7-E10

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