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Nanofiber&Air purification


  • Fully synthetic durable composite structure - Perfect pleatability in all pleaters.

  • Extended surface area - Higher dust holding capacity compared to glass fiber.

  • Eco-friendly media design - Reduces carbon emissions by saving energy in fan motors used in HVAC systems.

  • Outstanding energy savings -  providing less pressure drop than glass fiber media.

  • Maintaining predictable quality and performance - Provides continuous high filtration efficiency due to its mechanical filtration feature compared to electrostatic charged filtration


MBR filter media, produced in accordance with international test standards such as EN779:2012, ISO 16890 and ASHRAE 52.2, has different efficiency classes from F7 to E12 & Merv8 to Merv16. In addition, with its stable mechanical filtration feature in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2 Appendix J standards, it offers a more reliable indoor air quality compared to other products that provide conventional electrostatic filtration.

Fan Coil Unit

One option for the addition of a HEPA filter to a fan coil system could be to use high efficiency and lower pressure drop filters to overcome the additional resistance, and to house the HEPA filter externally. This can be done with the MBR HEPA air Purifier.

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Nanofiber Antibacterial DIY Filter

Self Cutting to Adapt to Different Sizes,Remove Mites , Pollen And Other Allergens Remove The Peculiar Smell of Air Conditioner

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Antibacterial Pleated Air Filter Media For  HVAC Ventilation

High Efficiency Dust HoldingFilter Material Simple Pleat Air Filter

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Nanofiber  Pocket  Filter Media Conditional Efficiency  F9

1.Discharged nanofiber pocket filter bag is not affected by static attenuation, with durable and stable efficiency and long service life. 2.The filter level can reach F9 after eliminating static electricity. 3.Low resistance, recyclable.

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Pleated Nanofiber Filter Media

Most of the existing pleated filters use glass fiber filter paper, which has high filtration resistance and is difficult to recycle, resulting in high energy consumption in the HVAC system and high noise in the downstream fan operation. We make full use of its manufacturing and application expertise in the field of nanofibers to optimize the design of pleated air filter media.

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