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Nanofiber Antibacterial DIY Filter Nanofiber Antibacterial DIY Filter

Self Cutting to Adapt to Different Sizes,Remove Mites , Pollen And Other Allergens Remove The Peculiar Smell of Air Conditioner

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  • Product Description

- Dust Removal & Antibatcerial Air Filter -


- Partieles Captured -


- Installation Method -


- Dirty Air Conditioning Makes People Sick -


The filter element is made of exclusive nanofiber patented technology, with nano silver particles, with 99% dust removal efficiency and antibacterial effect, which fundamentally solves the problems of peculiar smell caused by dust accumulation and transmission of air conditioning infection sources, and protects your and your family's health.


99% filtration efficiency, preventing dust from entering the air conditioner. Reduce cleaning frequency and save cost. When used on the air purifier, the service life of the filter element of the air purifier can be extended by 3-6 months.

- Custom Support -


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