Electrospun SF/PVA Nanofiber Filters for Highly Efficient PM2.5 Capture

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Particulate matter (PM) air pollution is associated with various adverse health effects. Heavy outdoor air pollution, especially smog, has significantly impacted the living quality of residential environments. Here, we report the fabrication of silk fibroin/polyvinyl alcohol (SF/PVA) nanofiber air filters for the filtration of PM pollution using the electrospinning technique. Silk fibroin is a type of protein fibers, which is widely available with excellent environmental sustainability, and PVA is commonly used for continuous nanofiber fabrication. Our results showed that the PM2.5 removal efficiency of the SF/PVA filter was 99.11 +/- 0.24%, which was about 10% higher than that of the pure PVA filter under the same pressure drop of 50 Pa. In a 24-h filtration test, the filtration efficiency of this composite SF/PVA filter remained at a high value of 98.97% after 24 h. The results indicate the superior filtration performance of the SF/PVA nanofiber air filter, which holds a great promise in PM pollution prevention.

颗粒物(PM)空气污染与各种不良健康影响有关。严重的室外空气污染(尤其是烟雾)严重影响了居住环境的生活质量。在这里,我们报告使用静电纺丝技术制造丝素蛋白/聚乙烯醇(SF / PVA)纳米纤维空气过滤器,以过滤PM污染。丝素蛋白是蛋白质纤维的一种,可以广泛使用,具有出色的环境可持续性,PVA通常用于连续纳米纤维的制造。我们的结果表明,在相同的50 Pa压降下,SF / PVA过滤器的PM2.5去除效率为99.11 +/- 0.24%,比纯PVA过滤器的PM2.5去除率高约10%。在h过滤试验中,该复合SF / PVA过滤器的过滤效率在24 h后仍保持在98.97%的较高值。结果表明,SF / PVA纳米纤维空气过滤器具有优异的过滤性能,在预防PM污染方面具有广阔的前景。

Electrospun SF/PVA Nanofiber Filters for Highly Efficient PM2.5 Capture

Published: 2018


Impact Factor:2.578

Paper link: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/8333781


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