Nanofiber Cartridges For Air Filtration

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What is nanofiber filter media?

Tiny, sub-micron fibers (nanofibers) are woven into a thick, ultra-efficiency media coating, resulting in an unsurpassed performance for dust collection and air filtration. In addition, our nanofiber-coated media demonstrates increased durability in withstanding stringent pulse-cleaning forces, resulting in longer filter life than that of traditional cartridge filters.


Filter substrate coating using nanofibers Low cost compared to similar products In the production of the present product, the filter bed, which is responsible for the main task of filtration, is covered with nanofibers. Nanofibers with a diameter of less than 100 nm are applied to ordinary filter paper using electrospinning. The use of nanofibers with a diameter of less than 100 nm in the construction of this filter, increases the pressure difference due to resistance against air passage in the filter containing nanofibers (75 Pa) compared to conventional filter (43 Pa) according to the standard of Air cleaner test code 34.

Manufacturer's Description

Filtration is a mechanical or physical process in which suspended solids are separated from a fluid such as air, water, or oil. The basis of separation in this method is the difference in the size of solid particles (dust or any particles of excess pollution) and fluid droplets (air, oil or gas passing through the filter) and the use of external force to pass material through a mesh membrane such as a filter. Today, industrial filters are used in all factories to separate dust particles or valuable particles such as gypsum, metals, flour, detergents, and cement from the air. An air filter is a fibrous device through which the contaminants attach to the constituent fibers and will not pass. Therefore, the smaller pores in the filter increase the efficiency of the filter and can prevent the passage of smaller particles. For this purpose, the production of membranes with nanoscale pores is very significant. On the other hand, the use of nanofibers due to their high surface area, high length to width ratio, and low density, eliminates a large number of particles during the filtration process, which leads to increasing filtration efficiency. The mechanism of this process is that a thin layer of nanofiber mesh is a barrier to particles; while air passes through a large volume of small pores. This technology does not cause much pressure drop while increasing the dust absorption efficiency. The electrospun fibers are less than 100 nm in diameter and cover the surface of the filter paper uniformly.

The low thickness of filters with nanostructured paper will reduce the pressure drop and consequently energy consumption. The filtration process in this type of filter is performed on the surface, and with nanotechnology, it changes from depth to the surface. This matter causes better air permeability and increases the lifespan of the filter.


• Nanofiber Cartridges is designed for applications where very fine and non-fibrous dust occurs—thermal spray, pharmaceutical, fumed silica, metallic fume, metallurgical powders and oily weld fume.



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