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Nanofiber Nanofiber

Electrospun nanofibers have the advantages of small diameter, adjustable pore size, high porosity, large specific surface area and controllable bulk density, which can be used as air filter materials

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  1. Nano size;

  2. Large specific surface area;

  3. High porosity;

  4. Multi-material;

  5. Uniform diameter distribution;

  6. Electrospinning Nanotechnology;

  7. High efficiency, low resistance, high energy saving, easy to blow back


1. Gas turbine intake system

2. Industrial dust removal system

3. Air inlet system of air compressor

4. Engine intake system

5. HVAC filtration system

6. Commercial vehicle engine intake system

7. Gas turbine intake system

8. Industrial dust removal system

9. Air inlet system of air compressor

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