PTFE air purification filter media PTFE air purification filter media

PTFE microporous membrane has small pore size, uniform pore size distribution, high porosity and good filtration performance. It can be compounded with nonwovens of different materials to achieve different application approaches. Be widely used in the place where the clean air is needed, such as pharmaceutical factory, hospital, food, LCD and electronics factory.

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PTFE membrane has good hydrophobility, high porosity, excellent air permeability, uniform pore size and easy handing or sealing. The membrane is widely used in retention of particles in gas and industry production. Excellent lot-to-lot consistency ensures good performance.

Be widely used in the place where the clean air is needed, such as pharmaceutical factory, hospital, food, LCD and electronics factory.

1.Smooth surface, no adhesion

2. Safe and nontoxic, excellent chemical stability and thermal stability

3. Waterproof and moisture permeability, high air permeability, low resistance and high particle rejection

4. It is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali, organic solvent and oxidant

5. Wide temperature range and aging resistance



PTFE air purification filter media