Liquid filtration PTFE membrane filter mediaC Liquid filtration PTFE membrane filter mediaC

PTFE microporous membrane has small pore size, uniform pore size distribution, high porosity and good filtration performance. It can be compounded with nonwovens of different materials to achieve different application approaches.It is widely used in wastewater treatment, biomedical and other liquid filtration fields.

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Liquid filtration PTFE membrane filter media has the characteristics of surface filtration mechanism, small pore size and high porosity, and has high flux, which is difficult to achieve by other membrane. Hydrophilic PTFE microporous filtration membrane - instead of PES, N6 and PVDF membrane, it is used for high temperature liquid filtration with excellent biological safety, chemical inertia, low adsorption and high temperature resistance. The pore size is 0.2um, with high flux, high strength and no shedding at high temperature. It is suitable for the filtration of strong acid and alkali solution, terminal sterilization filtration, high temperature liquid filtration, water treatment and other filtering materials.

1.High temperature and low pressure drop

2.Extremely high solid particle rejection rate

3.Excellent chemical compatibility

4.Strong hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity

5.No volatilization and low residue

6.Wide temperature adaptability

7.Absolute filtration accuracy of conventional products is 0.2μm to 10μm

8.Special products are suitable for all kinds of special filtration



Liquid filtration PTFE membrane filter media